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Emoji Quiz - Guess Emoji


Guess Emoji - Emoji quiz is relax guess emoji and emoji puzzle game. It's like word games, but designed with more creative. Your target is to think about emoji meanings, find emoji dictionary then to get emoji answer and solve all word puzzles. It pops up the emoji and you just start to input funny words with emoji game. Can you guess emoji all to find the emoji answer (sometimes hard sometimes easy)?Support latest OS 9.1 Emoji (new emoji 2015), like middle finger emoji, vulcan salute emoji and so on. You will have so much fun during solve emoji puzzle.Emoji quiz is a really popular guess emoji game. You can get more fun than popular emoji ascii. Whenever you’re during the break on the toilet, or in the office, or in the bed, or in the subway, or in other places, you can join the guessing fun at any time…it can relax you for hours really!What is guess emoji?We put emoji together, bind with word puzzle, you need to read listed emoji, think what the emoji quiz means, and type emoji answer words. It is fun to play when you are boring. Some hard some easy! This emoji game really gets your brain started and it's really good to play with family and friends!Love it! And more, it can test your reasoning and logic capacity to solve emoji puzzle and it cannot be easy to stop once you start the game.Just start to solve emoji puzzle, find emoji answer right now. But be careful to fail your degree or work